Doyogame is the yoga of wellbeing. It has 5 levels.

What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing covers all areas of life including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

How is wellbeing different from wellness?

Wellness is focused towards physical health while wellbeing covers all areas of life including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Why body-mind-soul?

Wellness means working on the physical layer which may impact the mental layer only to an extent. There are many wellness programs and products available such as spa, massage, supplement food products like diet products, supplement medicines like vitamin C etc. However, if one wants to work on bringing wellbeing in life, then one has to work at all the three layers of body-mind-soul. Wellbeing means creating a harmony with body-mind-soul (consciousness or life force energy). When one works on all the three layers of body-mind-soul, then one can achieve wellbeing.

What is there in Doyogame Level 1 Physical Version?

Doyogame Physical Version consists of :

Cards Quantity
Guide Cards 04
Body Cards 14
Mind Cards 08
Soul Cards 03


Links/QR code Quantity
'How to' video guide links/QR codes of Body Cards 14
'How to' video guide links/QR codes of Mind Cards 08
Instrumental audio tracks QR codes of Soul Cards 03
Sound energy audio tracks QR codes of Soul Cards 03
What are the benefits of DOYOGAME?

DOYOGAME (Level 1-5) is a simple initiative to help all of us pay attention for a few minutes to our physical body without moving out of our work space, getting into the hassle of changing clothes or travelling to yoga class or gym.

This is a DIY (Do It Yourself) system for the working people, where we understand the time constraint. Hence, sit on your chair, keeping formal clothing on and practice these simple postures and enhance 3 areas of your life - body, mind and soul (consciousness) leading to an integrated joyful life. DOYOGAME level 1 is a basic level which has short routines for the upper body to begin with which can be comfortably done on chair during office hours.

Along with paying attention to the body, two separate sections for mind and soul are given. As the level advances, yoga postures along with activities for mind and soul advance too.

Who can use DOYOGAME?

Doyogame physical version is designed for people who want to create their wellbeing routine. It is also for people who are mostly sitting on a chair for 6+ hours and are in need of precautions to ergonomic issues. People who are dealing with various kinds of situations such as fear, anxiety, anger, distractions etc., Doyogame physical version comes with a powerful solution to handle such situations.

What are other levels of Doyogame?

Level 2

On Chair - Mid and lower body practice routines + Advance Mind and Soul awareness activities.

Level 3

Off chair - Body practice routine (using office space and furniture as props) + Mind and Soul awareness activities.

Level 4

Helping practitioner to introduce Doyogame to their family/colleagues and friends. Body, Mind and Soul (Basic) activities with family/colleagues and friends.

Level 5

Family/Colleagues and friends Doyogame Advance Body practice routine + couple yoga stretches + family/colleagues and friends wellbeing activities + group chanting + Mind and Soul awareness activities.

How to use Doyogame Level 1?

The simple way to use Doyogame level 1 is to go to guide cards and learn the following :

Guide Card A – About

Here is the first card that will guide you to understand what is Doyogame.

Guide Card B – Benefits

This card will help you to understand major benefits of doyogame.

Guide Card C – Content

You will find an overview of all cards which helps you to learn their basic utility.

Guide Card D – Do it yourself guide

This card guides you to use the simple principles of DIY and gives you an idea about when to use doyogame and when to avoid.

Guide Card E – Everyday routines

Here is the card that will guide you on how to create your wellbeing routine with Doyogame level 1. We have given two types of routines which are 1. Preventive routine and 2. Curative routine.

  1. Preventive routine : This routine works as a mentor/trainer/guru to guide you on a daily basis what and when one should do for various practices. Daily practice of this routine are for prevention of various physical, mental and emotional health issues.
  2. Curative routine: This routine comes as a handy tool to resolve 8 types of ergonomic issues such as back pain, leg pain, neck pain etc. Whenever you have any such ergonomic issue, use curative routine to resolve it.

Guide Card F – Facing Situations

Every day we have to face some or the other mental and emotional situation in life. Yet, how to handle situations can become a big concern. This guide card helps you to solve 8 types of mental and emotional health situations such as anger, fight, tension, anxiety, distraction, stress, fear and depress. In case you have missed your wellbeing routine then atleast you can go back to Doyogame level 1 whenever you are facing any of the 8 situations. Steps are mentioned for each situation hence follow each step and you will experience the result.

Guide Card H – Here comes next levels

This card gives you glimpses of level 2 to level 5 .

We suggest you to go through all the guide cards first before you begin your journey with Doyogame Level 1.

Reading cards and practicing doesn’t necessarily give a fair idea about how to do real practice hence what should one do if one is unable to understand practices while reading?

Doyogame level 1 comes with three special systems of understanding :

  1. Text based – Our team has tried its best to make language simple and effective to understand how to practice.
  2. Picture based – At times, reading may not give you an idea of the practice, hence we have incorporated demonstration pictures point wise, so it becomes easy to read and then see the picture to practice.
  3. Video based – To bring more clarity and ease to your practice, we have incorporated video guide with each body-card and mind-card, hence even if you are unable to understand text and picture then you can always go to video guide which is available on every card as a link QR code so you can watch it on your mobile or tablet or desktop.

If you are unable to understand, we will happily support you in creating your wellbeing routine. Feel free to contact us at support@doyogame.org

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Copyright © 2018 Yaha Life Private Limited
All Rights Reserved