"The Yoga of Wellbeing"


Doyogame’s research began in January 2017 to help people who are going through various ergonomic issues as well as people who do not have time to work on their own wellbeing. With our research, we discovered that many ancient and contemporary health systems are available, yet due to lack of information and knowledge the implementation is not happening. Also, at many places information is too dense and confusing. Hence, this was the other reason why Doyogame as a DIY (Do It Yourself) kit was created.

With thorough research and references from various health systems, we designed Doyogame with 5 levels. Each level takes the individual in a journey towards achieving one's own wellbeing. From basic to advance simple methods have been created so that anyone can easily create wellbeing routine. Doyogame is in its kind the world’s first DIY kit customized to create and maintain wellbeing routine. We are in the process of making it available in vernacular languages so that it can help humanity and bring the necessary healthy change that one is seeking in their personal and professional life.

With Doyogame kit we would also like to break many myths related with one's own wellbeing prevailing due to incorrect information and lack of deeper knowledge.


Wellness and Wellbeing are same.

Wellness caters to the physical aspect of the individual being, while wellbeing covers physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual being.

Yoga can be done only with a guru.

First of all, we need to understand that yoga is a way of life and Aasanas are various activities, exercises, and tools developed by our spiritual scientist’s called Yogis. One needs a guru not for learning asanas but for uncovering life purpose and to understand the inner being. Guru plays a major role in bringing clarity in one's life. Yet in the current era, we all have a basic understanding of what is good and what is workable for us when it comes to our own health.

There are many types of yoga and it is difficult to choose which yoga one should do.

As mentioned earlier yoga is a way of life. Also, the Sanskrit meaning of yoga is the Union, that is, whatever one does is unity of body-mind-soul (consciousness) with full awareness for the betterment of oneself and others. This is real yoga. In Sri Aurobindo’s words “All life is yoga.” To make it more simple, in words of Swami Vivekananda ,“Yogam a word derived from the same Sanskrit root as the English ‘yoke’, meaning ‘to join’, to join us to our reality, God.” No matter whether you believe in God or not the simple question you can ask yourself is “Am I willingly interested to work on my own wellbeing?” If the answer is yes it is an indicator that you are looking forward to making necessary changes in your life in such a way that it brings health, happiness, love, and peace to you. If you are healthy, happy and peaceful you will definitely not only wish but will also help others to be healthy.Once you are doing that, it is yoga. Now how you are doing it all depends on your individual choice.

Doyogame name has multifold meaning. You may read it as :

  1. Do-Yo-Game
  2. Do-Yoga-Me
  3. DoYo-Game

Yoga is not a rocket science yet it is an ancient science that is artistically designed for humanity’s wellbeing.

There is nothing to be fearful about yoga. Few fundamentals will make your life easy and will lead you to wellbeing. Doyogame helps you to understand these fundamentals.

Doyogame is all about wellbeing. When we realise that our wellbeing is in our own hand, we can work towards it. Hence, Doyogame is presented as a DIY (Do It Yourself) process with 5 Levels.

Each level will help you to understand step by step how to work towards your wellbeing which covers Body, Mind and Soul (consciousness) .



On Chair - Upper body routine Mind & Soul awareness activities.


On Chair - Mid and lower body routine Advance Mind & Soul awareness activities.


Off chair routine (using office space and furnitures as props) Mind & soul awareness activities.


Doyogame with Family/Colleagues (basic) Helping practitioner to introduce yoga to their Family/Colleagues and friends. Mind & Soul awareness activities with Family/Colleagues.


Family/Colleagues Doyogame advance Couple yoga stretches Family/Colleagues workout routines Family/Colleagues wellbeing activities chanting + Mind & Soul awareness activities.

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Copyright © 2018 Yaha Life Private Limited
All Rights Reserved