Create and maintain your Wellbeing Routine from today

Create and maintain your
Wellbeing Routine from today

To experience Wellbeing outcomes

Why Wellbeing ?

Today's Life is experiencing Anger, Ego, Struggle, Envy, Regret, Anxiety, Boredom, Desires, Frustrations, Irritation, Present tension, Future tension, Trouble, Hurdles, Worries, Uncertainties, Criticism, Greed, Arrogance etc, while Happiness, Peace of mind, Wisdom, Love, Hope, Faith, Trust, Patience, Generosity, Honesty, Loyalty, Compassion etc, are absent. Wellbeing ensures a shift from unwanted experiences, leading to healthy learning experiences.

Body Mind Soul

  • Address Body Issues when small and avoid permanent complications (Its simpler to handle a cub than a lion).

  • Adopt Mind corrective processes that help in Clear Thinking & ensure Mind free from confusions.

  • Connect with Soul using Sound Energy & ensure Soul free from sorrows to experience wellbeing outcomes.

Wellbeing at Office

  • Spend 15 minutes during office hours to maintain your wellbeing.

  • Doyogame has wellbeing routine for office which can be done with body-mind-soul practices on chair.

  • Experience wellbeing at working space.

Handling Situations

  • Handle individual specific perceptions with easy and workable solutions.

  • Every situation is a perception of mind linked with emotions. Handle every situation - negative or positive, with centred approach by channeling emotions.

  • Practice simple solutions that help in handling emotional perceptions easily to experience wellbeing outcomes.

Handling Ergonomic Issue

  • Resolve physical ergonomic health issues with scientific stretches and yogic practices.

  • Ergonomic practices help in creating body cells to be more adaptable and hence realigning health.

  • Physical health can be in aligned with 20 minutes of guided practice.

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Copyright © 2018 Yaha Life Private Limited
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